Be able to compare, in replay mode on a map, yourself against others on a segment. To see where you win/loose on a segment in relation to the other.

Often I ride a segment and I am a little slower than the  #1 or the person above me in the list. What I want to know is where I loose or win in relation to the other. With a live segment this is possible, but not always practically on e.g. MTB trails or in sprints. Currently I need to go to analize and drag the mover accross and try to find out where I win or loose. 

If it would be possible to have a replay mode with your ride compared to the leader, or any other you want to challenge, on that specific segment. You then would be able to visually see where you gain or loose time/distance.



  • You can compare your attempt at the segment against others (not just the leader).  If you open the segment on the desktop version of Strava, just click on the "compare" or "compare efforts" (depends on what page you are looking at).  You can select who you want to compare with (will default to the KOM effort).  It will graph your comparison and you can see on the map where you gained or lost time.

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