Support for non-gps activities

I want to use Strava to log ALL my workouts. Not just those which use GPS. I cannot log time in the gym lifting weights or swimming without my phone, or stationary bike or running on treadmill!



  • This is already a feature. Select any workout with the EKG symbol next to it on the phone app and it will track your workout.

    Supported fitness devices have a direct feature called “workout”.

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  • Thanks for the quick response! Not sure I understand. For example, I want to swim in an indoor pool. I cannot take my phone with me, and there is no device tracking me. How can I get Strava to record at least the time I spent swimming from the time I start until I finish. Yesterday I selected swim and hit the start. I swam for 31 minutes. When I hit the  stop/finish it recorded 49 seconds and 51 yards! It would be great if I could have it record the actual time and I could edit the entry and put in the distance I swam. 

    Another example would be lifting weights. There is no machine tracking me. I just want to record the fact that I was lifting weights for some period of time - not based on the distance I travel in the weight room. 

    Or what if the stationary bike I am riding does not support "EKG" ? I am not even finding EKG anywhere on the app.

    Does this make sense? Am I missing something?

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  • The way to do this is to just log the workout as a "manual entry".  Since you can't bring the phone with you to swim for example, just keep track of the time you are swimming and the distance on your own, then when you are done, open the app, click on the little "+" symbol in the upper left corner and select "manual entry" from the dropdown.  You can then enter the time, distance, notes, etc... for the workout. 

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