Implement relative effort in real into Strava app

Currently, during the workout you have no idea about the ongoing's workout's relative effort. Before starting your activity you can see the notice in weekly relative effort section how much you still have the "effort limit" without stopping to build fitness. But during the next activity, there is no real time no visual nor audio annoucement of "relative effort of ongoing activity so far" in Strava app. So for example, on the last workout of the week, Strava should be able in real tine to annouce "you achieved you weekly dynamic relative effort target to build firness. Please stop the activity to avoid over training." And of corse am i talking that with my current heartrate i should be able to see and hear from audio annoucement from Strava app also "current real time relative effort value so far during workout".



  • Strava has the heartrate neccecary for counting the relative effort from the beginning of the ongoing workout...

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