Segment Speed Integrity

One of the reasons that I am on Strava is that I am an individual who likes to see how I am doing among other people in my age group. I am competitive but that is not the main reason I ride now. At 73 I ride for the enjoyment and the endorphins I generate. But I still like to hammer at a sprint segment to see if I can still earn a new Gold award! Up till now I would compete vs other cyclists on a typical road bike. However, things are changing with the use of bikes/pedelec bikes that look just like an everyday road bike with the battery inside the down tube. More and more of the friends that I know are converting to these bikes. Now the competition is no longer "pure". People can buy bicycles that get electric assist from 18-28mph. This changes everything when it comes to comparing speed in any Strava segment. It seems to me that one can no longer consider any reported ride as being a "fair" comparison. Any other rider on Strava can have a very significant assist in their riding performance on any segment. It seems to me that we may be seeing the end of having any confidence in the comparison ride data that people report on their rides. I don't see how Strava can do anything to stop this happening and it saddens me to see this developing.




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