Bike components

Hi there

It would make sense to have a freehub added to the list of bike components as it is a part that can wear and therefore needs logging.

It would also be good to be able to record when servicing parts (for example the freehub) as this component in particular will last for a long time, but needs lubricating every 1500 miles or so.




  • Agreed, though there is a long list of parts that could be added, there are plenty of part specific requests in this board. I run a tandem with a number of parts that I cant record and keep track of. 

    The best way to address this would be to allow you to create your own part and track it, plus set alarms on parts for service after a user specified distance travelled by each part.  I'd like to be able to see the ride history and stats of each part, as well as the ride history of each bike. But to make me really happy I'd like parts that can be moved to another bike and retain their history.

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