More variety for gear selection for sports other than cycling and running

I have recently got more into walking and hiking alongside my regular cycling and running activities but have found that Strava lacks a lot of variety for different sets of gear outside of those 2 sports. I have managed to do a work around for the boots at least by adding them as a pair of running shoes and then manually changing them after I have uploaded my activity however it would be nice to have the option to have gear sets for different activities and allocate them to automatically be set for those sports. For a while I was wearing a generic pair of trainers to walk in and not my running trainers yet all of my activities for walking had my running trainers as gear with no ability to change this either, this completely negates the point of having alerts set up for the life of my gear because the metrics are skewed...I'm not sure why my running shoes are automatically set as gear for my walks and I now have to take into account that many of the miles my running shoes have racked up on Strava are false because I wasn't able to change/remove them as a gear selection.

Another example, for my bike I am not only able to track how many miles I've done with it, but keep an eye on the life of any components I choose. It would nice to be able to do that with my walking boots, walking poles, crampons etc etc. Same with climbing shoes or any number of things. I'm sure people who kayak would like metrics on their equipment too. I know that Strava is primarily a platform for running, cycling (and swimming to an extent), but if you offer the ability to upload other sports there should be options to have gear set up for those too and not have to manually change it after uploading.

Strava is a great platform and has got me much more invested in ensuring I get out and get active but I really feel like it's missing a trick by not having as much support for other sports.



  • I do the same work around for boots, but keep forgetting the manual part! Strava is great for mapping hikes up mountains so this would be a really good upgrade.

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  • I am also in favor of expanding the functionality of the "Gear" feature. Personally, I'd like to be able to record additional details for my bikes (gear ratios, tires, components, etc.) and track maintenance events in a calendar-style log. How long have I been running this chain? When I had that great gravel race two years ago, what size tires was I using. When did I last service the fork on my mountain bike? These are details that I (and others) are all currently tracking in notebooks and spreadsheets. Why not put them in Strava where the maintenance events can be tracked with the mileage?

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  • I track my 1500 to 2000 annual km of Ocean surf ski activity in Strava. I have my surfski recorded under bike as that is the only option available. But it doesnt link my km to my gear. We need to be able to customise based on our activities. Come on Strava wake up. I have to select bike when starting a Strava session. I then change it to kayak when I have finished. Where is my customisation feature Strava?



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