"Segment" feature improvements

Current situation: Segment creation is locked to tracked workout type.


Disadvantage: One has to repeat the same track using different workiut types just to create a segment for each.


Proposal for improvement: Segment creation is workout type agnostic. Segment view is based on the tracked workout.


Process for better explanation:


:: Creation ::


1. Create a new segment using an existing tracked workout


2. Add an optional list checkboxes for "Applicable for". This way, segments located in areas where bikes are not allowed won't get counted accidentally for cycling workouts.


3. Add a description field. Optional too.


Advantage: We don't have to create multiple segments of the same segment in each workout type. Advantage: No need to add a "copy segment" feature


:: Segment records ::


1. If a segment was marked as "Applicable for" walk, run, hike only, then the system shouldn't use it for other workout types.


2. If a segment has no "Applicable for", it is assumed to be for all "outdoor" types.


:: View Segment Directly ::


1. There are checkboxes which workout type to view.


Advantage: Athletes has the option to view together "walk", "run", "hike"; or "bike", "ebike".


:: View Segment via Workout post/report ::


1. It defaults to the same workout type.


2. There are checkboxes to allow an anthlete viewing it to add other workout types but it is only viewable on their end.


3. Their record only shows in segment rankings in the same workout type but they can compare their record for more than one type.


Mix type viewing is already being utilised in Flyby.





  • Make it possible to have more filter on segment explorer. For example: There are a lot of different variations within biking and running: road and trail would be 2 sweet filter to make it easier to ACTUALLY explore.
    So, when creating a segment you should force a choice between "road" and "trail".

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