Time to enhance the Heatmap (Summit) functionality

I think it is high time for the Heatmap functionality to get some additional possibilities. The feature has been stagnant for years now and has many potential improvements. Feel free to add your own ideas to this thread.

1. Increase the number of heatmaps you can create and maintain (currently set at 9)

2. Add other activities to be 'heatmappable' (Currently just cycling and running)

3. Add the possibility to create one heatmap for multiple activities (for instance runs & rides, or 'all')

    3b. Add the option to colour each activity type with a different colour range.

   3c. Add the option to 'toggle' each activity type once the heatmap is generated. 

4. Make the heatmap interactive. Clicking on a visited street, will open a list of activities where you passed through the clicked location.




  • One more might be the ability to create routes using personal (and even specific friend's heat maps).


    If I want to run where I've never been for example.

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  • Would love to see activity specific heatmaps. The global heatmap supports nordic/ski activity filtering but it looks like personal heatmaps are only for running or cycling activities.

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