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  • Is there a way to EXCLUDE specific categories from an overall leaderboard?  

    As an example, we are a group of bodybuilders and powerlifters, trying to run a CARDIO tracker and leaderboard.  We chose "multisport" to accommodate our various cardio training methods. (Our top distribution of user inputs include assault/echo style airbikes, C2 bikes, C2 rowers, Peleton/Soulcyclist, treadmillers, and road runners.)

    We need to be method agnostic enough to allow ALL types of cardio to count on the leader board, BUT we're still a group of users that all lift weights multiple times a week. 

    Trying to track how often each lifter did a cardio session doesn't work if Strava or one of their apps that feeds data to Strava adds their lifting sessions, and those lifting sessions get counted as workouts. 

    We need a way to EXCLUDE weight lifting in our leaderboards. 

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  • For recurring events any event editor should be able to delete posts. People often post something about a particular ride that becomes irrelevant the next week. Right now only the person who posted the comment can delete it - and they seldom do.

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  • @Flecks Luthor - see my earlier post...

    Unfortunately, Strava just don't seem to be listening

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  • I want more configureable periods for leaderboards, like monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly and a by user customizable timeframe. It will allow me to better track who's in the lead over required timeframe. The reason that is important is because of challenges, events and general competitiveness amongst club members. 

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  • I want more configureable columns for leaderboards, like days sported, (average) moving time, (average) elapsed time, fastest split, average cadence, max cadence, average heart rate, max heart rate, average adjusted heart rate (based on age), (average) adjusted max heart rate (based on age), average power, average calories, average adjusted elevation (based on distance), average adjusted elevation (based on time). It will allow me to do a more thorough analysis. The reason that is important is because of comparing athletes with each other, learning from training specifics from other athletes and increasing competitiveness. 

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  • I want to set the default leaderboard view on webapp and mobile app (Android/iOS) for a specific club to last week, month, quarter, bi-annual, year or custom timeframe instead of 'this week'. It allows me to quickly see who's in the lead for the timeframe I'm interested in and not having to reset it each time I revisit. The reason that is important is because of increase in productivity and user friendlyness. 

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  • In this article Clubs on Strava – Strava Support it says that "The owner cannot leave the club until ownership is transferred to another member". However, I do know of at least one instance of a Strava club that has no owner or admins and therefore is just an empty corpse. 

    The Strava Support Team was unfortunately nowhere near helpful to support transfer of ownership or admin rights to an active club member. Very sad!

    PS: The support ticket is still open for anyone to follow the conversation: Aw: Strava ticket #2402881 No Group Admin for group "RSC Lüneburg" – Strava-Support

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  • Please remove walking from multisports it has its own for them who wants to log walks now. 

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  • Events management in clubs: may we log the changes in events or restrict the modification and deletion power of admins???(Just to find wrong behaivours and false profiles)

    We want everybody in our club to be able to create events at any moment (even this way it is really difficult people does it, you can trust me!!)

    Is there any way to restrict permisions of admins in groups:

    That is to say, doing a similar thing as in linux file system:

    1 - the club owner can create, assign, remove and do all super-admin tasks regarding events.
    2 - Let all other people in admin group in the group/club create, modify and delete it's own events (only the ones that were really created/managed by himself, not someone else's events)
    3 - Let all not related people (not the event creator), participate in the event, but not modifying or removing.

    We want people to be as active as possible, so we want to empower them as much as possible, but there are always trolls and people deleting, or modifying dates, so we can not do anything else but giving all power or remove all power to admins.

    In case this is not possible, it may be always good to notify everybody, or the owner at least, who removed or modified an event. To identify any wrong behaivour and / or false profiles as soon as possible.

    We will really appreciate in advance all the assistance  you can give us us!

    Frank.X Castellà


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