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Latest activity by Piers Sp
  • Piers Sp 已評論,

    Ultimately it would make sense to split the scoreboards according to category of bike you are riding. This is the most fair way to do it. Putting a heavy enduro bike head to head with a carbon XC b...

  • Piers Sp 已評論,

    @michael that's a good idea, perhaps if there was just a filter function for all segments it could work too, so you could filter by road bike, CX, XC, enduro, DH or eBike on the same segments. I pa...

  • Piers Sp 已評論,

    LOL. Sounds like you should be walking mate, thats pure human power ;) What is real biking anyway? It's just as real when I conquer a climb on my eMTB that was previously impossible on my old carbo...

  • Piers Sp 已評論,

    @dirk You obviously don't ride ebikes or understand the possibilities they open up to tackle and conquer (if you have the skills), steep climbs that are impossible On normal bikes. Think about hard...

  • Piers Sp 已評論,

    Yes, please allow e-bike scoreboards on segments, would be really appreciated. I ride eBike most of the time now as I simply have more fun and get to climb up things that would be impossible on a n...