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Latest activity by Jaroslav M.
  • Jaroslav M. 已評論,

    Hi, I'd love if Strava was able to identify a climb in a bike ride, show a list of climbs and categorize them (like in tour de France, Cat. 1-5, HC). I'd really like to see what climbs I've done an...

  • Jaroslav M. 已評論,

    Lastly, it might be a good idea to split the ebike rides into two categories - those that are limited to 25 km/h (as in most of Europe) and those that are not. It’s quite a difference between someo...

  • Jaroslav M. 已評論,

    If an ebike segment and a bike segment are identical, it would be interesting to see the comparison of those times in a personal view (this should only be a personal view for my own reference, not ...

  • Jaroslav M. 已評論,

    I would also like to be able to create an ebike segment out of a regular bike segment, with the exact location, distance and elevation. There are too little ebike segments and it would make it much...

  • Jaroslav M. 已評論,

    Hi, I’d like to be able to create a personal heat map of my regular bike rides, ebike rides and a combination of both (based on my selection). Thanks!