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  • Chris Herrmann 已評論,

    Christine K. I achieve this by using different bikes (under gear). It's not perfect, but it works. For example: training = "My Road Machine", Weight 8Kgcommute = "My Road Machine and pannier", Weig...

  • Chris Herrmann 已評論,

    Jared DiMartine Velo Viewer does this. You can use the free version and manually sync your strava data (literally just hit a button to update), or pay 10pounds / year. It does exactly what you're a...

  • Chris Herrmann 已評論,

    Eric Peters I gave up on the swim feature and just use swim.com app for lap / structured swimming, and the apple watch "native" workout app for open water swimming. Far more reliable, more features...

  • Chris Herrmann 已評論,

    I really like the suggestion by Marius Flugsrud , above (Other activity and Activity tagging). For example you don't have a facility to track fencing, let alone its subtypes (sabre / foil / epee). ...

  • Chris Herrmann 已評論,

    I'd like the ability to add an "Other" category for components. I recently had to replace the di2 battery, and installed a EW-WU111 at the same time. And.. there's no capacity to add this category....