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    Segments for training

    I often tell my clients to use segments for their interval training.  That has many of them now using Strava but it is not easy to find specific segments.  I'm not sure why your search feature is s...

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    I've never heard back on any comments I've made about this topic and nobody has any explanation so far.

  • James Mc Nau… . 已評論,

    Exactly.  The distance filter would be a good one.  Also elevation gain as a filter would work.  You could also select to "See All" segments that start or end within the window being looked at.  If...

  • James Mc Nau… . 已建立貼文,

    View all Segments in Segment Explorer

    I'm always looking for new segments to conquer and many times there are some good ones already defined that just don't show up on the segment explorer.  Is there any way to have a "see all segments...

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