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    關於和 Relive 的整合更新

    過去幾年中 Strava 的許多使用者都愛用 Relive;可惜的是,由於 Relive 近期的更新,我們決定不再與它整合。目前版本的 Relive 違反了我們向 API 合作夥伴提出的幾項條款。這些條款用於保護你的個人資訊,確保我們所有合作夥伴公平競爭的環境,並保護 Strava 的獨特之處。我們與 Relive 一同努力,試圖解決這個問題,但他們最終選擇不進行必要的更改以履行協議。因此,...

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  • Sean 已評論,

    Sorry for the trouble linking the Strava watch app with your Strava account. This appears to be a caching issue we are investigating. As a temporary workaround, you can use an Incognito browser win...

  • Sean 已評論,

    Sorry for the trouble - it looks like we introduced the error last week and are working on a resolution. Unfortunately, I don't have an exact ETA on a resolution at this time, but hopefully will be...

  • Sean 已評論,

    Thanks for your interest in helping Strava test our next version of Android Wear with stand-alone GPS support! We're opening the beta to anyone with a compatible device (Motorola 360 Sport and Sony...