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  • Andrew Magoun 已評論,

    Another great filter would be time of year. With the rise of fat bikes the winter is opening up as a time to ride for those of us in the northern parts of the world. If we could see a heat map of w...

  • Andrew Magoun 已評論,

    It's been awhile since anyone commented on here so I'm just going to voice my support for heat maps of hiking (really, heat maps of all activities). Hopefully Strava will take a look at this and ma...

  • Andrew Magoun 已建立貼文,

    Heatmaps for swimming

    The heatmap is pretty cool for running and cycling, but what about swimming? If I'm traveling, or even if I'm not, it would be great to see where other people are swimming in open water.

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  • Andrew Magoun 已建立貼文,

    Add dates to All Time PRs

    The "All Time PR" function is great but there is no concept of when the PR occurred. Please add a date next to it or in the expanded view when it is clicked on. It'd be nice to have the quick remin...

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  • Andrew Magoun 已評論,

    Will the new connectivity with Garmin allow this information to be pulled in automatically? If so that would be awesome. If not, why not?

  • Andrew Magoun 已評論,

    Fully agree with Philippe M. The information for swimming is limited at best. There is no way to find out totals or averages or anything beyond on specific workout. Also, while you're importing dat...