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  • Mike Stevens 已評論,

    I have some dude who continues to give me kudos and i have no idea who he is and he lives on the other side of the country (thankfully!).  Totally weird he is not even a follower of mine nor am i a...

  • Mike Stevens 已評論,

    Yeah Chris Grunwell i too find it SHOCKING you cannot simply edit your file with summary information for tracking purposes even if the details are not the same.  All other software programs i've us...

  • Mike Stevens 已評論,

    We still need the ability to adjust the time and the mileage of an activity not just crop the end.  Sometimes we also forget to start the gps or the battery dies but we want to adjust the workout t...

  • Mike Stevens 已評論,

    Agree.  Strava needs a simple edit feature for a couple critical data attributes.  I'm surprised you cannot adjust the summary level distance and time attributes as can be done on Garmin Connect.