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  • Jeremy J. 已評論,

    Jan S: You might want to open a ticket then with Strava.  For my activities I get to see some basic stats and map when looking in incognito.  Maybe there is some setting you have flipped that doesn...

  • Jeremy J. 已評論,

    m:  This bugs the heck out of me as well.  If I share my activity on facebook most of my facebook friends (due to not being on strava) can't see much of my stats.  I fully agree with Jan.  If they ...

  • Jeremy J. 已評論,

    John, I can confirm the same notifications go out.  I have mine set to upload as private so I can edit the title, pictures, and such before others see it.  The second I change the privacy to everyo...

  • Jeremy J. 已評論,

    Another vote to make Flyby feature useful again.  But I'm going to play devil's advocate here... If the reason they disabled Flyby was for privacy and potential stalking (per article that started i...