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  • Steve Wayne 已評論,

    @HeavyBoots  It has been asked dozens of times in this Strava feedback forum to please have us not have to view and scroll through Challenges constantly. The more athletes one follows on Strava, th...

  • Steve Wayne 已評論,

    Regular Runners in USA 14.5 million now. Regular Walkers (including Hikers) in USA 80 million now. Future trend based on aging population: Runners will significantly decrease, walkers will signific...

  • Steve Wayne 已評論,

    Bookmarking Clubs: Often there is a club that I wish to follow, typically from a location that I vacation or a hometown but I do not live there, as examples. I do not wish to join the local Strava ...

  • Steve Wayne 已評論,

    I'm new to Strava and after one month as a paid subscriber, I must say, it wonderful EXCEPT: (a) constant suggestions about who to Follow, and (b) constant reminders about who I follow that joined ...