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  • anthony kahwati 已評論,

    Have Strava replied to this at all? Seems a little strange that you can't invite someone to view a private route. You can invite people to try a segment.

  • anthony kahwati 已評論,

    Please do this. If nothing else this is a safety feature for family members and friends who may become concerned when taking too long on the country lanes or the trails in the hills. It would also ...

  • anthony kahwati 已評論,

    Just downloaded Map my Ride. Maps are maps and I am a cyclist. kudos, segments, people following me are secondary to where I went, how long it took, and what my average was. I'd rather my wife can ...

  • anthony kahwati 已評論,

    Hi. GPS signals are more resilient to coverage black spots than the normal G type data connections which is why you very rarely lose your route, even if you go through spots where you know there is...

  • anthony kahwati 已評論,

    I vote yes here too..... I have just signed up for premium, I'm sure that a few months ago I saw it advertised as a feature of premium, maybe I misread, but i am 99% sure it said that with Premium ...