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Latest activity by Rosie
  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Show me all my achievements on Strava

    Show a list of all the achievements I've earned on Strava, from KOMs to top 10s, to PRs. Here are some of the related feature suggestions we've been getting from our users regarding Achievements on...

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  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

    This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results. To vote for expanded options on the types of bikes added...

    • 110 個跟隨者
    • 371 條評論
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  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Option to Start Training Calendar on a Sunday

    Option to Start the Training Calendar under the "Training" tab on a Sunday as opposed to a monday

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  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Tags to Separate Skate vs Classic Nordic Skiing

    Designate a separate activity tag for Classic skiing versus Skate skiing.   

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    • 235 票
  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Options to filter and sort the Dashboard Feed on Strava

    Provide options to filter your Dashboard - for example: Filter out commutes Filter out rides less than X miles Filter out Virtual Rides/Zwift Sort by number of Kudos, ascending Sort by number of C...

    • 88 個跟隨者
    • 193 條評論
    • 497 票
  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Show a list of all the Segments I've ridden/run on Strava

    Create a place on Strava where all the segments you've ever ridden would be listed, with sortable columns like current place in the leaderboard, number of times ridden, or categorization, etc. 

    • 46 個跟隨者
    • 78 條評論
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  • Rosie 已建立貼文,

    Show the KOM and QOM History for Segments

    Show the history of who had the KOM or QOM previously and when.

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    • 38 條評論
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  • Rosie 已建立文章,


    Strava 使用者可建立路段,標示騎車和跑步路線最有趣的部分。路段需具備三個項目:起點、終點和其間的一連串地點。 建立路段的第一個關鍵要素,是資料必須已儲存於 Strava 上,並與要建立的路段格式相同。各路段都是以原始來源的活動資料為基礎所建立。 先查看現有的 Strava 活動。無論你選擇什麼活動,活動資料都會是建立路段的基礎,會影響路段的準確度和比對效果。 按一下代表更多內容的圖示...

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  • Rosie 已建立文章,

    從 Garmin Connect 匯入歷史數據

    欲了解如何連接 Strava 和 Garmin Connect 帳戶以進行自動同步,請參閱有關 Garmin 同步的知識庫文章。 將個人活動檔案從 Garmin Connect 傳送到 Strava: 登入 Garmin Connect 並選擇「活動」連結,以取得你所有上傳檔案的清單。 選擇活動。在活動頁面上點擊「匯出」連結,然後選擇 “TCX” 選項。將檔案儲存到你的電腦。 將 .tcx...

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