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  • Rafał Kowalski 已評論,

    Thank you Christian for your opinion! Great to know, I'm not the only one, altrough there are not many people missing the badge... And one more thing - I'm not the Summit member since February. All...

  • Rafał Kowalski 已評論,

    Jeff! Please, give us at least one reason why the HM badge was removed! Still no answer, and no HM Badge back!!! I will not pay a broken penny to Strava, when the challenge will not come back! No w...

  • Rafał Kowalski 已建立貼文,

    Half marathon badge disappeared!!!

     Hello! For January 2019 there's NO half marathon badge! Why? Nobody asked us, and just deleted it??? It's good to add a new badge "5km virtual race". But still - why was the HM badge removed? Anyb...

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  • Rafał Kowalski 已評論,

    I'm for the idea too!!! How many votes should be collected, to show Strava that this idea is very very important and needed?

  • Rafał Kowalski 已建立貼文,

    Half and/or 1/4 of distance badges

    I am not that good in running to run 200 km in one month. I have not enough free time to ride 1200 km monthly. My idea is to get 1/4 and 1/2 of the distance badges in case of finishing 50/100 km ru...

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