Group Activities Privacy Controls

What Is a Group Activity?

A “group activity” is one of your activities that has been grouped with at least one other activity uploaded by a different athlete. Your activity will be grouped with other athletes if you overlap for a certain amount of time. This grouping will be displayed in the activity feed as well as on the activity details page. Learn more here.

How It Works

The “Group Activities” setting is your default setting and cannot be toggled on/off for individual activities. However, you can always remove an individual activity from a group by using the leave group button on the website or mobile app, regardless of your Group Activities setting. Changing the Group Activities Privacy Control will apply to all existing and new activities on your Strava account.

Set your Group Activity privacy control to “Everyone to allow other athletes to see you were part of a group. When you select Everyone:

  • Any Strava athlete:
    • Can see that you were part of a group.
    • Can be matched to your activity.
    • Can see that you were matched to their activity.
  • Blocked athletes:
    • Cannot see you grouped with their activities and you will not see them grouped on your activities.

Set your Group Activity privacy control to “Followers” if you prefer that only followers or those that you follow can see you were part of a group. When you select Followers:

  • Followers:
    • Can see you were part of a group
  • Athletes You Follow:
    • Can see you were part of a group.
  •  Non-Followers:
    • Cannot see you grouped to their activities.
    • Cannot see you were part of another athlete’s group.
    • Cannot see you were grouped with other athletes on your own activities.
    • Can be grouped to your activity, but they will not see this grouping. Only you and your followers/following will see them.
  •  You:
    • Can still see yourself grouped with non-followers on your activity details page, but those non-followers will not see you grouped when they view their own activity details page.

Set your Group Activity privacy control to “No One” if you prefer that activities are not grouped with other Strava athletes. When you select No One:

    • No athletes will be grouped in your activities nor will you appear in a group on anyone else’s activities.
    • All your past activities will be removed from groupings.

Please note the Group Activities privacy control determines whether an activity can be grouped with another athlete’s activity. However, it does not change who can see your activity. The activity's privacy setting will override the group activity privacy setting if you choose a more restrictive activity visibility. If your activity privacy control does not allow an athlete to view your activity, they will not see the activity grouped with others.

Managing Your Group Activities Privacy Controls

  • On the web, hover over your profile picture in the top right and select Settings.
    • Click on the Privacy Controls tab on the left.
    • Select “Everyone,” “Followers” or “No One” under “Group Activities.”
  • On the mobile app, open your settings from the icon in the upper right corner of the You tab. Tap Privacy Controls > Group Activities to choose between “Everyone,” “Followers” or “No One.”
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