Using the Potential Segment Match Analysis Tool

Are you not seeing a specific segment matched to your ride or run on Strava?  Now you can compare segments to your activity path to see what might have prevented the match. 

If you still need help after using this tool and would like us to take a look, follow these instructions on how to send in a support request for missing segments.


To learn about why a certain segment didn't match your activity, visit the activity page, and scroll down to the bottom of the list of segments.  There, you'll see a link that says 'Don't see the segment you're looking for?'  Clicking this link will bring you to the Potential Segment Match Analysis tool.  



Looking at this tool, you'll see a map of your activity, as well as a list of segments that had a partial or potential match to your activity.  You can also search this list by segment name.  


Clicking on a segment in the list will zoom in on that segment, and enable you to see how the path of the segment compares to the path of your activity.  Furthermore,  you'll be able to gain some insight into what problem prevented the match - and where.  Compare the grey line which represents the path of your activity to the red line which represents the path of the segment.  The portion of your activity that 'matches' the segment will be highlighted in green - and you'll be given some brief information about what might have prevented the full match.  

The most common reason a segment doesn’t match on a ride or run is because of GPS drift that occurred during recording of your activity.  However, there are also some issues that can prevent a segment from being able to be forced to match an activity - most commonly very poor or missing GPS data around the segment start or end points.  If there is no accurate activity data to compare to the segment start and end, it's not possible to force a match.



If a segment should have matched your activity but didn’t please create a support ticket and include a link to the activity and to the segment page and we can try to match it for you. Sometimes we can manually match it for you but unfortunately, in some cases we can’t.


Sending in a Support Request for Missing Segments

  1. Navigate to your activity page's segment match tool by following the instructions above
  2. Select the segment that's missing from the segment list
  3. Copy the link from your browser window(image below). This link is very helpful because it contains your activity ID and the segment ID.
  4. Paste the link into a support ticket
  5. Repeat this process if there are multiple missing segments


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