Enhanced Privacy Mode

Enabling Enhanced Privacy allows you to manage who can follow and see details about your activities.

When Enhanced Privacy is Toggled ON

  • Your name will be anonymized (first name, last initial) to all logged out athletes
  • Athletes have to request approval to follow you
  • Hides activities on profile page from non-followers
  • Hides follower/following list from non-followers
  • Hides KOMs/QOMs/CRs tab from non-followers
  • Photos are not displayed to non-followers on activity or profile pages
  • Hides clubs on profile from non-followers
  • Hides activities from non-followers in public or invite-only club feeds
  • Hides gear and time of activity from non-followers
  • Prevents athletes who do not follow you from exporting GPX files or creating routes from your activities

Keep in mind that your activities are still visible in public locations like the Flyby, group activity features, and segment, public club, and challenge leaderboards. In invite-only clubs, your activities linked on the leaderboards will only be visible to other club members. Additionally, your profile can still be found using our athlete search but can only see information on your profile page as shown below.

When Enhanced Privacy is Toggled OFF

  • Anyone can view your full name
  • Logged-in Strava athletes can follow you
  • Anyone can see your photos
  • Logged-in Strava athletes can see and download your activities on your Strava Profile


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