Moving your activity history from MapMyRide to Strava

To transfer your activities from MapMyRide to Strava, you'll need to export individual activities from MapMyRide and upload them to Strava from our upload page. 

  1. Go to an activity on MapMyRide.
  2. Click on the "TCX" button in the middle area of the activity overview section.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page which will produce a GPX file and the file will be downloaded to your download folder.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all activities you'd like to export and upload to Strava.
  5. Log in to your account on Strava.
  6. Click Upload from the top right of any page and then "From File" and browse to select the file(s) you downloaded. NOTE: files can be bulk uploaded to Strava in groups of up to 25.
  7. Name your activities, and adjust the activity types as necessary.
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  • That site won't let me export my ride. the ride im trying is "868571313" and it comes up with an error "No lap data was found in this workout; this is almost certainly caused by MMR losing your time data. Please double check the workout ID or contact mike at for additional help." 


    Any Suggestions?

  • Doesn't work on mac or on Microsoft!


  • So what does it work on then?

  • I'm receiving a "bad workout id" error message as well. I've tried Google Chrome and Safari browsers on Mac. 

  • MMR lets you export TCX files now, but it's a shame there is no way to batch import them into Strava. I've got hundreds of workouts, and it'd take a lot of time to get all that data onto Strava.

  • Doesn't work. Just doesn't. I'm sure it's on the end of Map My Ride and nothing to do with anything else. Their stuff is glitchy and that's why I'm switching to Strava. 

  • @Nicholas - you can batch import to Strava. From the upload page you can select as many as 25 files to upload at the same time to Strava. 

    Can you pass along the specific instructions on how to export TCX files from MapMyRide? 

    @Maritza - thanks for giving us the heads up. 

  • Here's what I did, and it worked. You have to do each workout (each ride) individually. I am using a Mac, but it should work also for IBMs:

    1. Go to your mapmyride page.

    2. Choose a workout. Between the workout summary and the map, you will see "Edit, Copy, Delete, Create Course, TCX."

    3. Click on "TCX." A pop window will open, saying "You have chosen to open..." Click "ok" to save the file.

    4. Open another tab, and log in to your Strava account. In the top right corner is a "+" sign. Hover over it, and choose "Upload Activity."

    5. On the next "Upload and Sync Your Activities" page, choose "File" on the left. Select "Browse," find the downloaded tcx file, which will be something like "Rode 52.87 mi on 7_28_15.tcx."

    6. Select the file, and it will upload to the Strava site. Select "Save and View" on Strava.

    7. Repeat for the rest of the day and into the evening until all your mapmyride workouts have migrated, or complain enough to Strava until they provide a batch import patch, or stay with mapmyride.


  • Here's an update to batch import to Strava from mapmyride. Yay.

    1. Individually export each Mapmyride workout (each ride) to your computer.

    2. Find the files. On a mac, with the shift key held down, batch select them all, and press "Open."

    3. Your .tcx files will upload to Strava. When they have uploaded, press "Save and View."

  • thank you, matthew goldie!!!

  • Check your file extensions, in OS X MMR gives you a .tcx.txt file, Command+I the file and remove the .txt from the end, or in terminal for batch jobs.

  • Check your file extensions, in OS X MMR gives you a .tcx.txt file, Command+I the file and remove the .txt from the end, or in terminal for batch jobs.

  • When I click on the TCX button it automatically downloads and opens .txt file. It does not give me options. I am using a Mac. Thank You.

  • I'm finding that the TCX files effectively don't contain any data, so strava has nothing to import. Oddly, MMR can still display all info, and the route.

  • I'm seeing that old routes i uploaded with my android phone does not contain data - but the newer ones that I uploaded from my iPhone does. So I am only able to import the MMR rides i uploaded from my iphone. Not sure if this is because they are old or if it is the device that is causing this problem.

  • perfect. thanks for this!

  • I am trying to migrate from MapMyRide to Strava; I have followed the instructions in this article. MapMyRide generates the *.tcx file as described, but each time I attempt to import one of these files the data doesn't match - by a lot. For example, I tried to import a ~32 KM/55 min ride via *.tcx and it comes in as a .8 KM ride that lasted only a few minutes. It appears that Strava is reading only one of the many segments inside of the *.tcx. I am having a similar problem in reverse when I attempt to import from Wahoo, by reverse it imports 95% of the ride - it is like it is skipping the last segment of the import. Please assist.

  • I followed the instructions and it worked. I was using Win10 desktop, Chrome browser and retriueved data from an old iPhone 5. I could group import multiple files to Strava

  • i downloaded a file with.tcx from MMR and when uploading to Strava, a blank screenn appears.

  • 1.Downloaded one tcx file from MMR
    2.Copy the file to the TCX Converter software
    3.Tcx file conversion to gpx
    4.Gpx file uploading to Strava
    5.It works for me, to keep data, but elevation data are slightly different

  • Here is a way to export a TCX file from MMR and then convert it to a GPX file that Strava will accept.  Strava does not accept GPX files that are directly exported from MMR because MMR is being a jerk and will not provide all the info needed for Strava.

    So here's the solution:

    • Make your MMR workout privacy "Public" or called "everyone" in the mobile version.
    • Use the TCX button and export the TCX file of your workout and save somewhere on your computer.
    • You need an intermediate application to take in the TCX file and spit out a GPX file. Here are two options: 1. Login (free sign up) to website: OR 2. Login (free sign up) to Garmin Connect (you don't need a Garmin device)
    • Import your TCX file to either one of these websites and use their export GPX function to create and export a GPX file.
    • Go to Strava and use the Upload Activity function (a "+" inside a circle) icon and follow prompts to select the new GPX file.

    Hope that helps.


  • or simply use an app that download all activities from one account and upload all in one go to another or sync all data between the two accounts so if you ride with MapMyRide it will automatically sync to most of the available services including Strava and the other way round. There must be a few of these apps but I like and use SyncMyTracks, got it on Android not sure if it is also available on IOS. been using it for many years now, discovered a while ago when I wasn't sure which app/service was best for me so this way I could try and use them all and sync my rides between so I wasn't missing on any of them if I stick with one or the other services for a while. And I still use it, as I like MapMyRide's interface better while on the go, but want to sync my rides to Strava for the social aspect of it.

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