What Are Starred Segments?

You can "star" your favorite segments, and they will appear on a list on your Strava profile. Any starred segments will be used for Strava Live Segments in the app and on compatible third-party devices

How to Star a Segment

From any segment details page, click the star icon so that it turns orange. If you are not currently on a segment page, click "go to segment" from a ride activity page, or "View Overall Leaderboard" from a run activity page. To un-star a segment, simply click the star icon again, turning the star back to gray.


How to Find your Starred Segments

From any page on Strava.com, hover over the Dashboard tab and click on My Segments from the drop-down menu. From the mobile app, navigate to your profile and scroll down until you see the Starred Segments list. 

Provide Strava with Segment Feedback

We look at the total number of segment stars from our community to determine a segment's popularity. So, by starring segments, you will be helping us show only the most popular segments of your activities. 

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