Uploading a Strava Profile Picture

You can upload or update your profile picture from the Strava website or the Strava app for iPhone and Android. Here are instructions for the Strava website: 

  1. When logged into your account, hover over the menu in the top right corner of any page and select Settings.
  2. Click on the plus sign under your current profile photo and a window will open to select the image file from your computer. Please note that JPG and PNG are accepted image file formats. 
  3. You can also click Remove to remove your current photo.



Common Profile Photo Errors

  • If your photo appears blurry, please upload a higher resolution photo or do not crop as much of the photo.
  • If your photo is sideways or upside, please access the original photo on your phone or computer and either crop the photo to force update the direction of the photo or go ahead and export > save a new version of the photo to rewrite the direction of the photo. Sometimes the dimensions and horizontal direction of a photo does not update. We do not have the ability to rotate these photos on Strava.
  • If your photo produces an error, make sure you're uploading a support image file; or your photo may be too large to process.
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