Finding & Inviting Friends to Strava - Android

Strava is more fun with some friendly competition!

Strava gets even more fun when you find and invite friends. Following friends opens up a world of social interaction and gets the competitive spirit going. You can invite friends via email or Facebook. For more information about connecting Strava to your social networks, see this page.  

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are images of the iOS app, so the Android Find and Invite flow will look a bit different. The flow is the same other than the color scheme. 


To find friends on the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the orange "Find Athletes" button, located on your profile page.
  2. From this page you can search by name, search for Facebook friends, find friends from your phone's contacts, or invite by SMS or email.
  3. Select an option and when you find a new athlete you want to follow, just tap the orange 'Add Follower' icon next to their name, on their profile page, or choose to send them an invite if they are not on Strava. 
find.jpg  IMG_9716.PNG



Search for Athletes by Name

 IMG_9716_4.png  IMG_9722_2.png





IMG_9716_2.png   IMG_9717_2.png   IMG_9720_2.png

Connect your Contacts (Strava v4.3) 

Now you can import your phone’s contacts by visiting the Find & Invite screen on your mobile app.  By adding your contacts, Strava will list contacts that you already follow, suggest friends to follow based on contacts that are already on Strava, as well as show other contacts who are not on Strava. You will be able to invite contacts, who are not on Strava, via email or SMS. See screen shots below.

IMG_9716_3.png  IMG_9718.PNG  IMG_9719_2.png


Invite via SMS or Email


IMG_9723.PNG   IMG_9724.PNG  IMG_9725.PNG

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