Deleting activities in bulk

Unfortunately, we don't have a bulk select tool to delete multiple activities at once.

The most accessible way to delete activities is from My Activities or your Training Log under the Training tab. 

For extreme cases, like if someone else's Garmin history was uploaded to your Strava account, please get in touch with our support team directly by submitting a request below. 

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  • Is there any change to this? Have exactly the same issue and have 500+ activities to sift through and delete!!

  • Same here. Please find a quicker way for us to select multiple entries for deletion. Probably the only feature keeping me from Premium.

  • Same problem here :(

  • Any ideas guys? I basically want to start again

  • I too want to bulk delete over 400 activities. The manual delete option is painfully slow...

  • I need you to delete all activities uploaded from a Garmin edge 810. Thank you.

  • Hi, can you please delete all activities in my account uploaded from a Garmin Edge 500? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Can Strava help me delete a big amount of workouts that accidentally got transferred from my husbands Garmin to my Strava account.

    I would need everything deleted prior to 01.01.2017with the exception of two weeks in 2016 from April 9 to April 23.

    Could someone do that?

    Thank you.

  • Hi-

    I accidentally synced a bunch of data from my friend this morning from a Garmin 520. Can you delete all of it?

  • now is already 2017 & still no solution for this issue?

  • Hey,

    I accidentally synchronized data from the wrong Garmin Device a few minutes ago. Can you delete all of them please?

  • I synced data from a friends garmin 510 and was hoping someone could delete all associated activities with that device (its the only 510).

    Thank you,

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