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Access Strava Clubs on the mobile app to connect with athletes like you and organize group activities

Available on Version 4.20.0 and newer

  • Accessing Clubs
  • Club page overview
  • Searching for Clubs
  • Joining and leaving Clubs
  • FAQs 

Accessing Clubs

To access Clubs, tap the “Feed” menu and select “Clubs” from the dropdown.




The Clubs landing page is broken down into three sections. You’ll see Featured Clubs at the top, Your Clubs in the middle, and Popular Clubs Near You at the bottom.



Club Page Overview


Activity Summary:

The number of members in a Club, total Club activities for the week, and the number of Club discussions are visible at the top of the page. Tapping these numbers will take you to the member list, Club activity feed, and Club discussion page, respectively. 





We’re excited to offer a new way to visualize how your weekly efforts compare to your clubmates’. Clubs with 500 members or fewer will have a scatterplot that displays members’ efforts based on two metrics. These metrics will vary depending on the Club sport type.

Cycling Clubs will display efforts on the scatterplot based on distance vs. elevation, Running Clubs will use distance vs. average pace, and Triathlon and Other Clubs will use time vs. number of activities.




Below the scatterplot you will see statistics for your Club:

  • Cycling Clubs will feature total Club miles for the week at the top, followed by the greatest distance and elevation gain a member has recorded for the week.
  • Running Clubs will also display total Club miles for the week, in addition to the leading distance and time.
  • Triathlon and Other Clubs will show the total Club activity time for the week, followed by the leading activity time and the greatest number of activities recorded by one member for the week.

For Clubs without a scatterplot, this information, in addition to your personal weekly activity totals, will appear directly below the member, activity, and discussion statistics. 



All Clubs will feature a leaderboard that can be accessed by tapping “View Leaderboard” under the Club’s weekly statistics. The leaderboard will feature the top 10 athletes for the week. If you are not ranked in the top 10, you can see your current standing by scrolling below the top 10. The two athletes ahead of you and behind you will also be displayed.





The three most recent Club discussions can be viewed at the bottom of any Club page. To view all Club discussions, tap on “View All Discussions”. To create a new discussion, tap the circular, orange discussion icon that appears on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen.


Club Events

Any upcoming club events can be viewed at the bottom of the Club page.

Club owners and admins can create new events and edit existing events. To create a new event, you’ll be required to enter a title, start date and start time. You’ll have to the option to add a meeting point by dragging and dropping a pin or typing in a location. You can also select a route from your list of public routes to add to the event.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-12_at_2.33.11_PM.png Screen_Shot_2017-04-12_at_2.33.30_PM.png

All RSVP’d athletes will receive an event notification 24 hours before the start time of the event. Push notifications can be configured from your settings on the mobile app and email notifications can be configured on the website.


 Searching for Clubs

To search for a Club, tap the magnifying glass at the top of the Clubs landing page. On the next screen, you’ll have the ability to enter the Club name, in addition to specifying its location and sport type. If no location is entered, your current location will be used to complete the search. Clubs near you will be surfaced below the search box.





Joining and Leaving Clubs

To join a public Club, access the Club page and tap on "Join Club". To join an invite-only Club, your join request will first need to be approved by the Club administrator. The join button will change to "Pending" until your request has been approved.

To leave a Club, tap the three dots at the top, right-hand corner of the page and select "Leave Club" from the drop down menu.




Can I create or edit a Club on the mobile app?

You will still need to log into your account via the Strava website in order to create and edit Clubs.


Where are my Club Announcements?

Announcements are not available on Clubs for Android.




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