Gifting a Subscription

Click here to buy a one-year subscription for a friend or family member. You can gift a subscription to anyone, whether they are currently on Strava or not.

  • On the purchase page, enter the name and email of the person you want to send the gift to.
  • You can add a personal message and pick the date that the gift will be emailed to them. The gift codes do not expire.
  • After completing the purchase, you will be emailed a receipt.

Redeeming a Gift

If someone purchased you a Strava subscription, you will receive an email with a gift code. Follow the instructions in the email to redeem the giftIf you are already a subscriber, you will still be able to redeem your gift. Gift codes do not expire.

  • If your subscription was purchased through the Strava website, when you redeem the gift code, you will be given access to all the features. At the end of this one-year extension, your subscription will revert back to what it was before redeeming the gift code.
  • If your subscription was purchased in iTunes or Google Play, you must cancel your subscription and wait until it expires before you redeem the gift code. When your subscription has expired, log into your Strava account on a web or mobile browser and follow this link to redeem the gift code you received. These same instructions will also be emailed to you. At the end of the year extension, you will need to re-subscribe.
    • To cancel a subscription from Google Play, click here to be re-directed to your subscription management page.
    • To cancel a subscription in iTunes, click here to be re-directed to your subscription management page.
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