Custom Waypoints on Strava Routes

While creating your route, you can click on the map to create waypoints. Custom Waypoints allow you to mark specific places along a route, share those details with others, and send these places to certain GPS devices to use during navigation. Beautiful viewpoints, coffee shops, bathrooms, water refills, and anything else can all be included on any Strava route by using Custom Waypoints.

Adding Waypoints While Planning a Route

Create your route as you normally would. More information on creating a route can be found here.

    • Use the search bar on the left to search for a location, landmark, or address you’d like to add to the route. For example, if you plan on stopping your ride at a coffee shop, you can search for that coffee shop by name and save it as a waypoint.
    • Select Add waypoint at any time to populate a new search bar. Search for a place or address in the search bar, hit enter, and a waypoint will be added for the chosen location.
    • Drag these waypoints on the map or drag and drop the order of the waypoints on the left to reorder your route.
    • If you click on a waypoint on the map, you’ll see the option to delete that waypoint.
    • Additionally, If you’d like to add a waypoint at any point along the route, you can click the polyline and you’ll be presented with the option to Insert Waypoint.

Creating Custom Waypoints

To customize a waypoint further, click on the waypoint to reveal the menu of options. Click Customize, enter the details about the point, and then click Save.

Viewing Custom Waypoints

When you save a route with Custom Waypoints, you’ll be able to view the Custom Waypoints on the route details page on the Strava website.

Custom Waypoints on Garmin GPS Devices

Some Garmin cycling computers and GPS watches with routing capabilities will alert you about Custom Waypoints as you navigate a route. Depending on the device, you may also be able to view your distance to the upcoming Custom Waypoints. The following devices support Custom Waypoints:

    • Edge 205 and up
    • Enduro and Enduro 2
    • Epix - Gen 2 and up 
    • fēnix and all other models in the fēnix series
    • Forerunner - 245 & up
    • Instinct - all models 
    • MARQ Adventurer (Gen 2) and all other models in the MARQ (Gen 2) Collection
    • Montana series devices 
    • tactix® and all other models in the tactix series

Learn more about syncing Strava routes to Garmin devices here.

Starred Segments and Custom Waypoints

Starred segments will also sync to Garmin Connect at the same time as Custom Waypoints. If you are viewing a route in Garmin Connect, you will see your Custom Waypoints as well as the start and end points for any starred segments. You can also create Custom Waypoints for “Segment Start” and “Segment End” but those will be separate from your starred segments. Learn more about starred segments here.

Sharing Custom Waypoints With Other Strava Users

If you create a route that includes Custom Waypoints, a Strava user can bring that route including the custom waypoints into their saved routes page by duplicating the route or clicking the star icon. The star option also sends that route to GPS devices if the athlete has their accounts connected.

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