Your Strava Profile Page

The profile page is a great place to see a summary of your activities.

Under your name, depending on your privacy settings, other athletes will see whether you are a Strava subscriber, your location, and your primary club.

Calendar Widget

The calendar widget gives you an overview of your activities by activity type and by date. You can see week by week how many activities you have recorded, which days you were active, and the total activity time for that week.



The overview area, just below the calendar widget, shows you what trophies and achievements you've recently gotten. You can also tab over to see your Trophy Case, list of Followers, and KOMs / CRs.



The photo feed, located below achievements, displays 100 of your most recent photos. However, all of your photos are still available on the activity page where they were uploaded. Strava does not delete or remove any photos.

Activity Bar Chart

The activities displayed on the profile page are filtered by either time, distance, or elevation gain. You can choose to view the activities grouped either by week or month and then you can select a week (or month) to display by clicking on the drop-down in the upper-right.


Sidebar Stats

On the lower-right of your own profile page, you can see your personal stats including averages for the last four weeks, totals for the year, and all-time totals. These stats are only available for running, riding, and swimming activities. On another athletes page, you will see the essential stats for a user and you can quickly see how you compare to the user whose profile you're viewing. 


If it looks like your totals are incorrect, select the 'Refresh Stats' button underneath the table. It may take a few hours for your stats to update after an upload but you can always recalculate your profile statistics from your account on the Strava website. On your profile page, scroll down to My Stats and click the Refresh Stats button underneath the table. The button may appear greyed out while the system is refreshing and it may take a few hours for the stats to refresh. Some possible causes for profile statistics discrepancies are as follows:

  • The training calendar includes all activities on your account, including activities that are gym workouts, walks, ski activities, etc. while your profile stats are only sport-specific to cycling, running, and swimming.
  • Walks and Hikes are not included in running yearly totals.
  • The displayed total may have previously been inaccurate due to a previous bug where deleted, cropped, or updated activities did not refresh the profile stats.


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