Hide/Unhide Segments

You can hide and unhide segments to customize which segments will be visible to you throughout Strava.

Bad Segment Data

Segments are a community-created/moderated feature on Strava. Anyone can create a segment, which means they will sometimes unknowingly create duplicates or segments from bad GPS data. In addition, they will sometimes unknowingly create segments with incorrect spelling or inaccurate location names. Our support team isn't able to delete duplicate/inaccurate segments or edit their names, but the community can up and downvote segments using the star and hide features. Some examples of bad segment data are:

    • Bad elevation data exists if the activity from which the segment was created had bad elevation data. Here is some more information on how elevation is calculated.
    • Unfavorable start and endpoints can greatly affect whether a segment will create good matches. Here is some more information on optimizing segment creation.
    • Original segment data has GPS errors, or GPS drift may lead to inaccurate matches.

Customizing which Segments will be Visible

In segment-dense areas, displaying all segments on one ride is too hard. Depending on the number of times a segment is viewed, that segment is either shown on the ride by default or "hidden" due to a low popularity rating. The user can customize which segments are shown on Activity Detail pages and which are not. By "Hiding" a segment, you vote to decrease its popularity and hide that segment from all of your activities. When you "Unhide" a segment, you increase its popularity rating and vote to show that segment on all of your activities. The overall popularity of a segment will determine whether it will be visible or hidden on your activity pages if you currently don't have preferences set for that segment. You will always be shown segments that you have created, starred, unhidden, or set a goal on.

Hide Segments

    • Hover over the segment row in the segments tab at the bottom of an activity
    • A "Hide" button will appear in the rightmost area of the segment row
    • Clicking "Hide" will prevent you from seeing this segment listed under any activity throughout the site
    • To view all hidden segments for an activity, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show Hidden Efforts." 

Unhide Segments

    • Navigate to the activity page that includes a hidden segment
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Show Hidden Efforts." 
    • When you mouse over a hidden segment, an "Unhide" button will appear in the rightmost area of the segment.
    • Clicking "Unhide" will allow you to see this segment on all activities throughout the site.
    • Please be aware that the segment will not be visible on your activities to other athletes who have not unhidden the same segment. To make the hidden segment visible on your activity, they would need to unhide the segment from their account.

To get Achievements for a Hidden Segment

Segment Achievements are only generated upon upload and ONLY for unhidden segments. Segments marked "Hidden" on your Activity page upon upload will not receive any achievements. To generate the achievement for a hidden segment, refer to the following instructions:

    • "Unhide" that segment if it's a cycling segment and star the segment if it's a running segment.
    • Change the activity type to something else and then back again to the proper activity type (this triggers segments to be reset.)
    • "Refresh Activity Achievements" using the button located in the actions menu (the ellipsis). 
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