Exporting your Data and Bulk Export

There are several options for exporting your data from Strava

Export an Activity as a GPX file

If you would like to back up your data or share a file, Strava provides the option to "Export as GPX" from any of your Activity pages. GPX files exported from Strava will contain power data recorded with a power meter but not estimated power.

  • Navigate to one of your Activity pages and from the 'wrench' menu, select "Export GPX". 
  • The file will then download to your computer with the file extension ".gpx". This file will contain your GPS coordinates, timestamps and accessory data like Heart Rate, Cadence, and temperature. This feature does not export Power data.
  • This file can be downloaded to a Garmin device with route tracking functionality (like a Garmin Edge 800), shared with other users, or kept for your records. Many other GPS programs will also accept this file format. 

If you would like to Export the GPX map for another user's activity data, see here.

TCX Export

Strava also allows you to export .TCX versions of your own activities. TCX files exported from Strava will contain power data. TCX export only works for activities with GPS data, which may exclude indoor activities with no GPS.

  • This is a little-known trick, however it's simple to use.  Simply add "/export_tcx" - without quotes - to the end of your activity page URL. For example, if your activity page is www.strava.com/activities/1234567890 - just add the text to give you  www.strava.com/activities/1234567890/export_tcx and hit enter. This will download a TCX version of your file to the location specified by your browser's preferences. 

Export Original

There is a trick to export your own activity in its original file format that's similar to exporting a .TCX version.

  • Simply add "/export_original" - without quotes - to the end of your activity page URL. For example, if your activity page is www.strava.com/activities/987654321 - just add the text to give you  www.strava.com/activities/987654321/export_original and hit enter.  This will download your activity file in whatever file format it was originally uploaded in.

Bulk Exporting all data

Stay tuned for an update on May, 25th 2018

Strava provides the option to export all activity in bulk to your computer. The exported data will be available in GPX format, the same as with the Activity Export as GPX above, regardless of the original device used to record the data.

  • From the main drop-down menu at the top of all Strava pages (under your name) select "Settings". From the lower right of the screen, select "Download all your activities"
  • After clicking this button, you will see the message "A zipped file of your activities is being prepared. You will receive an email [to your account email] when the file is ready to download". When the export process is complete and you receive the email, simply click the link in the email to download the zipped folder containing your activities.
  • When the zipped folder is downloaded, open the folder to unzip. Inside you will see a GPX file for each one of your uploads.


  • The exported files will be named according to date, time of day (GMT) and activity type, such as 20130806-071918-Ride.gpx
  • The files will respect changes after upload such as cropping, splitting, etc.
  • Some data that is not exported in GPX format includes: Activity name, power data, device info, laps, and barometric altimeter data.
  • Some data that is not exported in TCX format includes: Activity name and device info. 
  • If you cannot find the email, check your spam filter. You can also resend the link to your file from your Setting page. 
  • The link to download the files will last for 48 hours, then it becomes invalid. A new bulk export cannot be generated until the current link expires, so you can build this link once every 48 hours at most.
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