Where do I find my Strava ID?

Your Strava ID is a specific number assigned to your account when you register on Strava. It can be found in the address bar when visiting your profile page in a web browser. 

To get to your Profile, log into the Strava website and click your profile picture in the upper right hand corder, and click "My Profile" from the menu. 

Then, look at the address bar of the browser for the number at the end of he URL. 


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  • I just get strava.com/dashboard, am i looking in the right place?

  • @Helen, when looking at the /dashboard page, check the upper right corner where you will see a small circle with your profile picture - just click this and you'll get to your Profile page.

  • Hi. I am looking for my Strava ID number on my Profile Page and I can't see it anywhere. I've read the above replies but I still can't see it on my Profile Page. This page just shows my history of rides etc. I need it so I can register for a ride today. Thanks in advance for any help. Renee

  • Found it ! Finally !!

  • good day. I resisted to strava with my private email address ..... my iphone logged me out and when i reentered my login details it says invalid email or password. Then i said forgot password.... when i enter my email address is says email not registered to an athlete?
    i made a new profile... with my gmail account, but my activities link to both strava accounts now? please advise how i get the info on my first account so that i can delete it and why strava does not recognize the email if i registered with it?

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