Merge or combine activities

Do you have two activities that you need to combine? If so, read on for instructions on how to merge your activities. 

Notes before you start…

  • Merged file will have to be uploaded, but first, you’ll need to delete the original/separate activities. You will lose kudos/comments when doing this.
  • If you used a device with a barometric altimeter and you are merging that file with another file, particularly a mobile app file, your elevation will get recalculated when uploaded to Strava. We won’t use that barometric data. 


There's a third party tool you can use to combine the files on your own. Just export the TCX or GPX files from Strava by following the instructions in our article on exporting your data. If you have power data in your file, you'll want to export the TCX version.

Once you're done exporting, use gotoes to combine the files. You'll need to delete the existing activities on Strava before uploading the merged file. Unfortunately, you will lose all kudos and comments on those activities.


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