TrainerRoad and Strava

If you record activities with TrainerRoad, you can automatically upload your activities to Strava by connecting your accounts.

    1. Log into your TrainerRoad account and navigate to your Account Profile.
    2. Select Ride Sync from the navigation menu on the left.
    3. Select Connect.
    4. Enter your Strava login credentials.
    5. Authorize TrainerRoad to connect with your Strava account.

Having trouble connecting to Strava?

For apps like TrainerRoad to interact with Strava, you will need to allow access to health-related Data in Strava. Learn more about how Strava uses health-related data.

    1. Log into your Strava account on, and navigate to your settings page.
    2. Select Data Permissions from the menu on the left-hand side.
    3. If you haven't already, click Allow Access. A green checkmark will appear.
    4. Follow the steps above to re-sync your Strava account to TrainerRoad.
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