Mute Activity

The Mute Activity feature allows athletes to prevent individual activities from showing up in the home and club feeds.

To access this feature, open the Strava mobile app and navigate to one of your activities. Tap the ellipses (3 dots) icon in the upper-right, then select Edit Activity and enable the option to Mute Activity. Activities cannot be muted from the Strava website.

Please note that muted activities will still be visible on your profile (in accordance with your privacy controls), and count towards progress charts, goals, and competitions. To hide an activity completely, you can select "Only You" on the visibility menu when editing the activity. For more information on all of our privacy controls, please visit our Privacy Center and take the time to ensure your selections in Strava represent your intended experience.


Can I mute all my activities by default? 

No, at this time, it is not possible to mute activities by default. Activities must be muted on an individual basis from the activity edit page on mobile.

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