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You have the ability to hide portions of your activity map from other Strava athletes. You also have the option to set a default preference so that your activities automatically upload with this preference and/or you can change the visibility of individual activities.

Keep in mind that map visibility does not replace your activity privacy controls. For example, if your activity privacy control is set to Everyone and you choose to hide your start and end points, your future activities will continue to be visible to all Strava athletes, however, your start and end points will be hidden on activity maps. Only athletes that have permission to see your activity will be able to see what is shown in orange and anything shown in grey is visible to only you.

Please note map visibility controls apply specifically to activities on Strava and do not mean it would be impossible to guess a hidden location. You can also use Map Visibility controls to "Hide your activity maps from others completely."


Visible to you

Visible to other athletes




Changing your Default Preferences

Once you’ve had a Strava account for at least seven days and uploaded one activity, the first and last 200 meters of your activity maps will be hidden by default. If you wish to change your default preference, you can do so at any time by following these instructions:

  • On the website, hover over your profile picture in the top right and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
    • Select Privacy Controls from the left-hand navigation menu.
    • Look for Map Visibility under “Additional Controls”
  • On the mobile app, open your settings from the gear icon on the You tab.
    • Select Privacy Controls > Edit Map Visibility.

Use the options below to customize how much of the start or end of an activity is hidden up to a 1-mile radius or hide the entire map. You will be matched to any segments within the hidden portion of the activity, however, your times will not appear on those segment leaderboards. In other words, the segment matches within the hidden portions will only be visible to you. Your full activities will still count towards challenges.

  • Option 1: Enter an address to hide the portion of any past or future activity that starts or ends nearby. This selection will apply to all past and present activities.
  • Option 2: Hide the start and end of all activities regardless of where they start or end. This selection will only apply to future activities.
  • Option 3: Hide the entire map. This selection will only apply to future activities.

If you’ve chosen to hide portions of your map near a specific address and the start/end of your activities, and those portions overlap, the larger selection will be applied. For example, if you have a mile hidden around your home address, and ⅛ mile hidden on all activities, the first mile would be hidden from activities that start from your home.

Adjusting Individual Activities

On either the Strava mobile app or website, open the activity you wish to adjust and select the ellipses icon (from the upper right-hand corner of the app and left-hand side on the website).

  • Select Edit Map Visibility.
  • Use the sliders to specify the portion you want to hide or enable the option to Hide the Entire Map.

Editing the map visibility on an individual activity will override any default map visibility preferences. In other words, you can hide more or less of your map than was automatically hidden by your default preferences.

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