Moving Time Calculations

Why is my activity's moving time different than my friend's?

  • When recording cycling activities, Strava relies on GPS data to determine whether or not you are moving. A bad GPS connection could lead to false positives if your activity's GPS data tells Strava that you are moving when you aren't. 
  • When recording running activities, Strava uses your device's accelerometer to detect running motion. You can completely control your moving time when recording a run with the Strava mobile app by manually pausing the app whenever you want to rest. If you choose this option but are inconsistent, you might end up an inflated moving time.

Why is my activity's moving time on Strava different from my GPS device?

Different platforms perform different calculations so certain aspects of your activity analysis may be different. 

  • When uploading rides Strava will use the recorded GPS data to calculate our own version of your moving time. During the upload process, whether you recorded with our mobile app or a third party device, Strava relies on a speed threshold to determine whether or not you are resting. You can enable auto-pause on our mobile app to automatically pause during your activity when your GPS tells us you are resting. In general, Strava tends to be more strict about resting time so we remove less of it than other platforms. This means that even though the elapsed time is the same, the moving time can be a bit different.
  • When uploading runs Strava relies on the recorded "timer time" which is the time the app or device was unpaused to determine moving time. As long as your device is recording conventional pauses, Strava will respect any pauses recorded in the file whether your device pauses automatically or you manually hit the pause button. If you do not manually pause at all our server will calculate moving time based on the recorded GPS data. Again, even though elapsed time may be the same, Strava may calculate moving time differently than other platforms. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to pause you must do so consistently. If there are any pause events in your activity file our server will not remove any additional resting time. 
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