Spotify and Strava

By connecting your Spotify account with Strava, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you record your activity. 

Connecting Your Strava and Spotify Accounts

Enable the Spotify player by tapping the musical note icon on the Strava record screen. If you don’t already have the Spotify app installed, you’ll be directed to download the app from the Apple or Google Play store. Your Spotify app will open and if you are logged in will go to an Authorization page where you can agree to connect Spotify to Strava. Once the connection is made you will be directed back to the Strava app where you can start listening to your music by tapping the Spotify icon on the record page.

How it Works

The embedded player will show you a few of your most recently listened to playlists, artists, and albums as well as recommended music/podcasts based on your listening preferences or popular music for other listeners in your area. The embedded player will mirror your experience in the Spotify app based on your subscription status.

If you are a free Spotify user, your experience will be the same as it would be in the full Spotify app. You can shuffle albums/playlists/artists, will not be able to pick specific songs, and will hear intermittent ads.

Spotify premium users will have the ability to select specific songs in their albums and playlists. If you wish to change your shuffle settings, queue up specific songs, or search you will need to go to the full Spotify app by clicking the Spotify button in the upper right-hand corner of the embedded player. This button will automatically open up the full Spotify app and take you to the album/playlist/artist that you are currently listening to. From here you can queue up songs or change your shuffle settings and they will be reflected in the embedded player.


Why does my Spotify app open when my music is paused?

If the player is paused or stopped for more than 30 seconds the Spotify app will be opened automatically to reconnect. There is no additional action needed on your part but, at this time, reopening the app is required for the reconnection and cannot be prevented.

Can I listen through the Strava player when I am in offline mode?

The player on the Strava app does not have the ability to play music while in offline mode even if you have Spotify music saved to the device, so you will need to be connected to either wifi or a mobile network to use the player on the Strava app. You can still access your offline music from the full Spotify app, and record your GPS/indoor activities while you are offline though. 

How do I disconnect Strava from Spotify?

If you want to just simply switch Spotify accounts you can do so by logging out of the current one and logging into the one you want. However, if you want to fully remove Strava access from your Spotify account you will go to this page on either your computer or mobile browser: 

Once you are logged into your Spotify account on their website you can then click “Remove Access” next to Strava. If you wish to connect Strava and Spotify again in the future you will need to reconnect them using the steps above.

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