Huawei Health and Strava

Connecting Your Accounts

To connect Huawei Health with Strava:

    1. Open the Huawei Health app, then go to the Me tab and tap Privacy Management.
    2. Scroll down and tap Data Sharing and Authorization. 
    3. Tap the Strava option* on the next screen.
    4. Tap Connect with Strava. Sign into your Strava account. Tap Authorize on the next screen to connect Huawei Health with Strava. You should see a success message.

*Please note that if you are not seeing the ability to connect to Strava under the data sharing and authorization menu in Huawei Health it is because this integration is only available in select countries. If you are not in one of the approved regions you will not be able to sync to Strava:

      • Europe
      • Latin America
      • Asia Pacific
      • Africa

Troubleshooting Syncing

Unfortunately, we are aware of sync issues between Huawei Health and Strava but we recommend trying the following:

    1. Ensure both the Huawei Health app and the Strava app are up to date.
    2. After you have linked Huawei to Strava open the Huawei Health app by going to Me > Privacy Management > Data Syncing Management and make sure you have enabled the following settings:
      1. Sync profile to cloud 
      2. Sync fitness data to Cloud
      3. Sync health data to Cloud
    3. If you do not see the above sync options please contact the Huawei support team.
    4. If you cannot sync activities after completing these steps please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Huawei Health app. Once reinstalled you may need to reconnect Huawei to Strava.

If your activities still are not syncing to Strava, please contact the Huawei support team for more help.

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