Carbon Saved

On activities tagged as commutes, Strava will calculate the estimated carbon saved as compared to completing that trip in the average personal passenger vehicle, based on this 2021 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report.  While several variables can affect the carbon savings that are unique to each person, we hope that this estimation can help serve as a guideline for your own impact!

The carbon saved metrics will be visible on the activity details page and may be highlighted in the feed depending on the activity (more details can be found here)

By contributing your public activities to Strava Metro, you are helping to improve the bike and pedestrian infrastructure in your area. Strava Metro’s mission is to help make active transportation safe, accessible, and efficient for everyone by partnering with departments of transportation, urban planners, and organizations involved in active transportation planning. To learn more about Strava Metro, visit

Using the Commute Tag

Any activity can be tagged as a commute by editing the activity from either the Strava website or the mobile app. 

    • On the website, toggle Commute under “Tags” so it’s highlighted grey. 
    • On the mobile app, tap the Type of activity field and check off the “Commute” option.

If you recorded your activity with the mobile app, you can tag it as a commute before uploading.


Can I hide Carbon Saved from my activity?

There is no way to hide this stat from your activity. However, if you remove the commute tag Strava will not calculate Carbon Saved.

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