How to import a GPX File as a Strava Route

We have a Strava Labs tool to upload a GPX file as a Strava Route:

Strava Labs showcases interesting side projects enabled by the Strava dataset. These projects are independent of Strava and may be added, removed or break at any time.

If the GPS data in the file you are importing doesn't match the road and trail data in the Strava Routes basemap, the Route builder will not be able to render these sections of the route. In this case, you may see the error: 

Error computing route. reset

In this event, it's best to re-create the Route by manually plotting the points in Strava. 

Thanks for understanding. 

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  • Doesn't work! It uploads, shows the path right but when I click "Save and edit" my path turns into a straight line, I think this is related to something as "snap to road" as Endomondo has.

  • Cassiano, I've started a support ticket for you so that our team can look into this.

  • Ciao guys, just tried it, and it works now. Thanks

  • Nope. Error computing route.
    Took a route from Google Maps, converted it to a gpx file with then uploaded the gpx. I can see the route on the map and it appears accurate but I can't save it because of the error.

    If you could tell us under what circumstances a route will not properly compute (for instance, no names), it would help.
    I can give you the gpx file and the google maps route if that would help.

  • I see the problem. The route almost certainly contains sections which are not in your route database (Dallas Trinity River Trails).
    Oh well.

  • The best that I heard from them was "we suggest using what data is presented and then editing the files manually through the route builder. Sorry for the trouble and I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep up the great work. " Same as sh**! I've tried to export routes from Endomondo and GPSies, bug tool.

  • Very frustrating that this tool will not accept my route "as-is". I really need this to work to help a NICA team find their way on several paths that are not in Strava for an upcoming race. Not a helpful tool!

  • This never works, super super annoying. Not certain how this has been ignored for so long. Please fix this asap.

    For example try import this run into Strava.

    Or this one

  • I get "Error computing route". I can create it manually but it would be much easier if the track is showing in the builder (as it does when the route gpx is working showing both track and route in the builder)

  • Discussed Strava integration for our races with David Lorsch of Strava (at the RunningUSA conference in Orlando) earlier this week. He said first step was to start a 'Club' and upload our race routes.

    We measure all routes by Jones Counter on the road, then reproduce within Google Earth (accuracy within 3 Metres). I understand that you can't upload KMZ or KML files here, so have converted to GPX (using, then discovering that your system can't accept a map, but needs time stamps, added time stamps (

    The resulting files upload, and display properly on the screen (it is an accurate depiction of our run course), but displays an error message (Error computing route. reset), and doesn't seem to save the file. I have been unable to proceed further.  These are real roads and trails, and we run thousands of people through these routes.

    Can you please assist? Perhaps there are better resources to convert/upload from Google Earth to your service that we should be using, but could not find them on your website, or with Google Search. I do realize the routes could be created from scratch in your software, but that would be less accurate than the existing GPZ/GPL files, therefore not an acceptable solution for race courses.

  • I think there is a bug here.

    First I tried using this link with strava activity but got the "Error computing route" error.

    But then I tried to create route from the activity itself. Then it worked.

  • I have just run across this issue trying to plan a route for this summer. i spent a couple hours trying to build the route manually in Route Builder and importing from Google Maps using all the work-arounds adding time stamps, etc. the result is always the same - THE STRAVA MAPS ARE NOT ACCURATE. Until the Strava maps are updated this won't work for most people. There are sections of a paved bike trail that were opened almost 4 years ago that don't show on the Strava maps but do on every other map program I use. That's why you get the dreaded "Error computing route". Generally after a successful import, Strava has moved the tracks on the unmapped trail over to known roads. I have had zero success going to manual mode and trying to drag them over "unmarked territory" where the new bike trail sections are.

    Perhaps using OpenStreetMap for base files?

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