iPhone App Settings

Accessing your Settings

Select Profile from the menu on the bottom of the screen and then tap the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. From your Setting page, you can manage your subscription, connect other services, change your email or password, and manage your preferences.

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Managing Preferences

The options you select within the app are saved to your Strava account. This means that any changes you make will also be reflected when you access your account on strava.com.

  • Change your units of measure between Imperial and metric by simply tapping the word Miles or Kilometers.
  • Chose to highlight either the map or a photo to represent your uploaded activities in the feed by tapping the currently selected option.
  • Enable Siri and set up shortcuts.
  • Summit members can enable or disable Beacon.
  • Manage the partner integrations for your own activities.
  • Access your privacy controls.
  • Approve or deny Strava's access to health-related data.
  • Control access to Contacts:
    • Toggling this setting ON allows Strava to store and periodically sync with your address book. We will use this information to help you locate your friends on Strava through suggested follows.
    • If you toggle this setting OFF we will stop syncing new contacts from your address book.
  • Enable in-app Notifications for the following:
    • Interactions with your activities
    • Activity from your friends
    • Updates from your clubs
    • Updates on your events
    • Interactions with your posts
    • Updates from Strava
  • Elect whether or not you'd like to receive Strava's email newsletter.


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