Add a Photo to an Activity

You can add photos to your activity from the Strava app for iPhone and Android as well as when you are editing an activity on the Strava website. 

  • You can add a photo any time after completing the activity. 
  • Portrait, panoramic, landscape, and square aspect ratios are all supported.
  • There is no limit on the number of photos you can attach to your activity. However, activities on the mobile app will only display 6 photos while the web will show 12. 

Uploading Photos

When saving or editing an activity on the Strava mobile app

    1. Tap the Upload Image icon. Navigate to your phone's image library to find the photo or photos you wish to upload.
    2. You can tap to select multiple photos or select multiple photos one at a time. Select Done to add the photo(s) to your activity.
    3. When you are ready to publish the edits, select Update Activity at the bottom. 
    4. Photos with a geotag will be displayed on the map in their corresponding location.

When editing an activity on the Strava website

    1. See the box at the bottom of the page to drag & drop photos or click to browse.
    2. Select the image file stored locally on your computer and click Open.
    3. When you are ready to publish the edits, click Save in the upper right corner of the edit activity window.
    4. Photos with a geotag will not be displayed on the map if they are uploaded from the website.

Managing Photos

  1. You can choose which photo will appear as the highlighted photo for the activity. From the edit activity screen, just long-press to click the desired photo thumbnail, and the option to 'Set as Highlight Photo' will appear. The selected photo will then be underlined in orange.
  2. To remove a photo from an activity, from the edit activity screen, tap or click the photo you wish to remove and select 'Delete.'
  3. You can report a photo for the following reasons: inappropriate content, copyright complaint, harassment, or an image used of you without consent. The reported photos will be hidden from view. From the photo that you wish to report, tap the options icon (three dots) to bring up the Report button. Select a reason for reporting the photo and select Submit.


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My photos are not appearing in the order in which I uploaded them to my activity.

We are experiencing an issue that is causing photos to appear in random order instead of the order they were updated in. 


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