Crop Tool for Activities

The Crop tool can be used to trim unwanted, inaccurate, or motor-assisted parts of an activity. Note that only activities with GPS data can be cropped, which will exclude some indoor activities. Additionally, data cannot be cropped from the middle of an activity, only the start and/or end. Examples of when to use the crop tool:

  • Trim unwanted resting time from the start or end of an activity.
  • Cut out parts of an activity recorded in a car or are motor-assisted at either the beginning or end of an activity.
  • Delete GPS location errors at the start or end of a ride.

How to use the Crop Tool

  • On the web, open the activity you'd like to crop and click on the ellipses icon. Select Crop from the menu.
    • Use the sliders to specify the portion you would like to keep. You will keep what is shown in orange and remove anything that is shown in blue on the map.
    • For small adjustments, you can use the Back and Forward buttons below each end of the slider. Note that you can zoom in much further on the map if you select the Satellite view. 
    • When you have made your selection, select Crop.
  • On the mobile app, open the activity you'd like to crop and select the ellipses icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select Crop from the menu options.
    • Use the sliders to specify the portion you would like to keep. You will keep what is shown in orange and remove anything shown in blue on iOS and in grey on Android.
    • For small adjustments, use the arrow icons to adjust the start or end time one second at a time.
    • When you have made your selection, click Save.

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What if the Crop tool can't fix your problem?

  • Bad data in the middle of your activity: If, for example, the part of your activity that is driven in the car is in the middle of your ride, you won't be able to use the crop tool to fix it. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the middle sections of an activity is to split the activity into two parts and then crop the section out. 
  • The whole activity was driven in a car: We recommend changing the activity type to something besides a "ride" or a "run" if the whole activity is motor-assisted. If you change the activity type, the data will no longer be eligible for the activity-specific Segment Leaderboards. The most generic activity type for this is Workout. 
  • If the Activity with the bad data or car-driven portion is not your own: Since you can only crop your own activities, if you come across someone else's bad data, you can flag the activity to remove all their times from the Segment Leaderboard.

Make a Mistake?

There is no way to "undo" cropping an activity but you can re-upload the original version of the activity. This will require that any existing versions of that activity get deleted so that the new version can be uploaded. Keep in mind this will remove all kudos, comments, and photos associated with the original activity.

  • From the activity page on the Strava website, click on the ellipses icon and select Export Original. The original activity file will be downloaded to your computer. 
  • Delete the incorrectly cropped activity.
  • Upload the original file here.
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