Crop Tool for Activities

This article explains how to use one of our best tools for editing an activity - cutting out unwanted, inaccurate, or motor-assisted parts of an activity after upload. 

Cropping an Activity:

The Crop Tool is designed to help users edit out unwanted parts of their GPS activity data. Use the "crop" tool to trim parts from either the beginning or end of your activity data. Unfortunately, this tool is not able to cut out parts from the middle of an activity. Please contact Support directly for assistance with errors, car-driven data in the middle of your activity, or activities including false segment times. 

Please note: Because the Crop tool uses GPS data as a basis for removing data, it's not possible to use the Crop tool on Stationary activities.  If you want to do so, please contact Support.

Examples for using this tool include:

  • Trimming unwanted resting time from the start or end of an activity
  • Cutting out parts of an activity recorded in a car or that is motor-assisted at either the beginning or end of an activity
  • Deleting GPS location errors at the start or end of a ride 

How to use the Crop Tool:

  • From the activity page click on the wrench icon.
  • Select "Crop Ride or Run" from the drop-down menu.
  • Use the sliders to specify the portion you would like to keep. You will keep what is shown in blue and remove anything shown in red

The Crop tool works much like the Segment Creation tool. In the Crop tool interface, specify the start and end of the portion of the ride you would like to keep using the green and red sliders above the map. Exclude the portion of the ride outside the start and endpoints of the slider that you would like to discard. As you drag the sliders forward and back, the map updates the position of the green start marker and the red end marker. For single step adjustments, you can use the buttons labelled "back" and "forward" below the left and right ends of the slider.

Do not select the part of the activity you would like to discard, select the part of the activity you wish to keep. Remember, you can zoom in much further on the map if you select Satellite view.

When you have made your selection, go ahead and Crop your activity.


If anything goes wrong, we can help you in Support, so simply start a new ticket and include the URL of the ride you were trying to crop.

What if the Crop tool can't fix your problem?

Bad data in the middle of your activity:

If, for example, the part of your activity that is driven in the car is in the middle of your ride, you won't be able to use the Crop tool to fix it. Unfortunately the only way to remove middle sections of an activity is to split the activity and crop the car or lifted section out. Start a new ticket in Support, and we can help you with this. 

The whole activity was driven in a car:

Its is best to simply change the activity type to something besides a "ride" or a "run" if the whole activity is motor-assisted. If you change the Activity Type, the data will no longer be eligible for the activity-specific Segment Leaderboards. The most generic activity type for this is probably workout. 

If the Activity with the bad data or car-driven portion is not your own:

Since you can only crop your own activities, if you come across someone else's bad data, you can flag the activity to remove all their times from the Segment Leaderboard. No one likes having their KOM or QOM taken by a gas-powered engine!


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