Nike and Strava

Strava athletes can automatically sync their activities from the Nike Run Club (NRC) and Nike Training Club (NTC) apps to their ​​Strava accounts.

Connecting Nike to Strava

Setting up the connection with Strava on either the Nike Run Club or Training Club app will enable syncing for both apps.

    1. Open the Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club app.
    2. Tap your profile initials in the upper left-hand of the screen.
    3. Select Settings > Partners.
    4. Select Strava on the Partners page.
    5. Complete the setup in the connect screen that pops up.
    6. If the apps are successfully connected you will see the Strava and Nike icons on a screen with a green check mark.

How It Works

Once you’ve successfully connected your accounts, both the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps will automatically sync newly recorded activities.

Nike Run Club will allow you to sync your indoor and outdoor run activities. If you have paired a heart rate sensor to your NRC app or are using an Apple Watch, you will be able to record your heart rate on your Nike activity, which will be displayed on Strava. Calories will only be calculated when heart rate is recorded on an activity.

Nike Training Club will sync workouts with a short video snippet from the workout that you completed. Yoga, HIIT, and weight training activities will sync over as the corresponding sport type on Strava and all other Nike workouts will be listed as a Workout.

Disconnecting Nike From Strava

From the Strava website: 

    1. Log into your account on the Strava website.
    2. Hover over your profile picture in the upper right corner and select Settings from the dropdown menu.
    3. Open My Apps from the menu on the left-hand side.
    4. Click on the Revoke Access button next to the Nike app to automatically disconnect your account from Nike.

From the Nike Run Club app: 

The option to disconnect your Nike account from other apps is only available in the Nike Run Club app but activities from both the NRC and NTC will stop syncing to Strava once the accounts are disconnected. 

    1. Open Settings > Partners.
    2. Tap the link at the bottom of the partners' page to view your account on 
    3. Tap disconnect next to Strava to disconnect it from your Nike accounts.


Can I sync my previously recorded activities from Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club?

At this time only activities recorded after connecting your accounts will sync to Strava. There is no way to sync or import your historic activities.

If I edit my activity on NRC will it update my activity on Strava? 

Any edits made on NRC after your activity has been synced will not be reflected on Strava as those edits do not actually change the activity file that has already been synced to Strava. 

Will my activities on Strava sync to Nike?

Currently, the integration will only push your activities from Nike apps to Strava and cannot pull activity data recorded from other devices/apps from Strava.

I completed a Nike-sponsored Strava Challenge but did not get my prize.

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