TomTom and Strava

You can automatically upload your activities to Strava from TomTom MySports Connect:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "+" icon next to the exporter you wish to add.
  3. To configure automatic export to Strava, go to Select your Sports Sites, select Strava, and log in to authorize the connection. Once an export option is added, any new activities will be sent to Strava for upload.
  4. To configure automatic backup of your activities on your computer, go to Save to your Computer and select a file type. Note: Files cannot be generated using the MySports mobile app. You can only generate files by connecting to MySports Connect on your computer. Exported files saved to your computer can also be uploaded to Strava manually.
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  • I have auto uploads to Strava from my Tom Tom watch but it shows significant errors. I sometimes deliberately don't pause my watch when running and stop for a few minutes and am happy with the total elapsed time and distance covered. I just noticed from a run yesterday that Strava has not only shortened the time but lopped half a mile off the distance! I can't share this data to Facebook if it shows I didn't actually complete the distance! How do I fix this?

  • Today I lost out on this months 13.1 challenge. TomTom as well, never had any discrepancies before.

  • hi
    since februry the 23 th i could not sync my tom tom multisport cardio with strava . i have always THIS message :
    En cours d'exportation vers STRAVA

  • Does this requires a Strava Premium account?
    And does it work with any TomTom model?

  • Jose - I don't have a premium account and it uploads ok.

  • Last night ´s run at 19:33 Brazil time has been recordedfrom my watch by TOM TOM but NOT TRANSFERRED TO STRAVA.
    In the meantime, I have recorded manually in STRAVA.

    I expect the problem is with STRAVA but could be that TOM TOM did not transfer.

    I await a quick reply.

  • Is it possible to see the segments when you download the data from TomTom watch to Strava ? Many thanks !

  • Yesterday I tried to load my swim and run. My TomTom profile seems to have been confused with someone else's. In between my info my TomTom has added another individual's details to my profile.

  • I am syncing my MultiSport watch to Strava and there is a major bug - all pauses I manually do on the watch, do not transfer as pauses in Strava.

    When running / biking and pausing the watch, walking few metres, taking a train or public transport somewhere and resuming the activity, the upload to Strava shows and counts the distance between pause and resume but does not count the time - for longer transports it creates high speed segments and other weird stuff. The activity does not show anything irregular in MySports. Any clues?

    I tried asking this on TomTom Discussions, but didn't get a relevant answer -

  • My watch is Tomtom, and until today I can not synchronize please I need help since I can not upload my activities, to participate in the Challenge NYC. please help!
    att. German Barretro.

  • My watch is a tomtom roadrunner 2 I can not synchronize with my strava acount
    what is the problem ?

    Ludovic Raeymaekers

  • Last night between 22h-23h i ran 12km aprox. It recorded in my watch but didn't export neither to tomtom my sports, neither to strava feed. Is it possible to get it?!

  • tom tom = crap product just don't sync to strava, have to manually upload. Big time waster.

  • I have synced my tom tom to strava. tom tom says I am connected but no activities get transferred either on my phone or laptop. have not had this trouble with my old garmin

  • having the same problem as Andrew

  • I am showing that my Tom Tom Connect is connected and that it is currently exporting to Strava (for thre past 3 hours). Any idea on what the issue could be?? Also, a status bar would be nice.

  • Is it also possible to upload old activities into strava?

  • Just having signed up to Strava i wanted to transfer my old runs for the last 2-3 years from Tomtom onto Strava but oh no.. as many others before me it seems have tried and failed and i failed too, ive followed all the instructions checked them 3-4 times and still nothing, can we please have some help on this issue please Strava otherwise i dont think i will be able to use your app.

  • hello.has anyone received an answer from strava or tomtom runner for us being unable to tranfer our activities from tomtom to strava ? i am in a group usig istrava to see our workouts and progresses for a new semi and u cannot see anything...
    thank you for your help and answers

  • Ok

  • Can I upload my running history (all my runs over the last few months)? There are on my TomTom watch and Tom Tom account but I don't know how to make historical runs upload as opposed to new ones.

  • Use TomTom MySports Connect to link with Strava and automatically upload your new activities.

  • Wie kann man ältere Läufe auf Strava hochladen? Neue, aktuelle Läufe werden automatisch von meiner TomTom Uhr auf Strava hochgeladen. Nur wie geht die Übertragung von den alten Aktivitäten? Das gleiche Problem wie Jenni. Schon jetzt vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Antwort.

  • This is ridiculous from strava and Tom Tom not getting back to any of the issues above and it seems everyone is having the same issue including myself my starva is connected to my sports but doesn't upload anything to strava I will have to replace this watch with a Garmin instead.

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